Robert Lucke, Chief Executive Officer

As you know it has been 2 weeks since we closed and moved into our home. Thanks to you, I am positive we could not have found a better home and location. As a custom home builder, I would guess that I have dealt with over 500 real estate agents over my 35 year career, and would compare you with a small handful of agents that not only put their client first, but the experience, knowledge of market condition, and the best location to buy in our price range puts you in my top 5 agents. As one professional to another, I thank you.Please feel free to share this email as a reference, or have any of your clients call me direct.Sincerely, Robert Lucke, Chief Executive Officer

Selling Client, Local Marina

".... Couldn't have done it without you. You kept it together long after I thought it fell apart."

Selling Client, Waterfront Highrise Property

".... excellent work."

Buyer, Residential Developer

".... good job, the terms worked out perfect."

Buyer, Residential Waterfront Foeclosure

"Best of the entire transaction is we have new good friends."

Selling Client, Residential Short Sale

"I should have listened to you earlier, I can't believe how much work you've put into this!"